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The saga continues – death do us part #2

“Through the valley of death, lies a secret to be kept. Through the night of hidden secrets a lie is to be said. Whisper softly upon ones ear until this moment it was you I fear”. He woke to the sound of someone dressed in black whispering into his ear, it felt nice.

It felt almost worm and peaceful. “Is this it? Have I finally succumbed to my untimely death? Am I in hell? Am I in heaven?” Greg attempted to move he couldn’t, he attempted to scream but he couldn’t. “Stay still my fallen angel, stay still”. “What the fuck is this? Who are you?” The lady fell silent and began to stand, she was holding something in her hand, it looked like a broom. Greg instantly realised what this was. “Your a witch, that’s right your a witch who has trapped my soul in this dead body aren’t you? Listen what have I ever done to deserve this, I can’t move this excuse of a body I feel so so cold what is going on tell me N-N-Now!!”

The woman removed something from her head, Greg’s vision was disturbed from the bright lights surrounding him. “Did you speak love?” “YES WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”….”no sorry duck I can’t understand what your saying, I’ll just finish replacing the hand towels and wash your sink out and leave you be”. Greg didn’t know what to say “A FUCKING CLEANER!?!?”. She continued sweeping the floor and placed her headphones back over her ears and began to sing “There’s a lady who’s sure All that glitters is gold And she’s buying a stairway to heaven”.

Greg decided he was loosing his shit “psychosis I’ve got psychosis, my boss always said I would have a break down…this is it”. He closed his eyes again, hoping to fall asleep and dream of something that made him feel human again.

This was to be short lived, he could hear a ruckus outside of his hospital room. “He is my husband and I demand that I see him, how am i supposed to feed my child, how am I supposed to go to work? NO NO NO I’m sorting this out…GREG…GREG….GREG they won’t let me in. Move BITCH” Greg heard an almighty crash and a female screaming for security. The double doors to Greg’s room burst open, “AWWW my man, we need to get you out of here, I know your dead but I need you to provide for us some how. I’m going to take you to the job centre and see if we can get you on the dole”. Greg was in disbelief…”I’m dead clinically at least, I can’t move and I don’t know what the fuck is happening to me, yet you expect me to visit the job centre so I can sign on?…..ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY??????”.

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storms are coming

Black sky’s surround us once and for all 

The time has come to approach this

I’ll try and catch your fall 

If only, if only there was a way to forget this

Maybe then we would be ok Maybe then we could get away…I once knew a place 

A place where everything would be ok 

But you forgot to sing and you gave it all away 

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Her crimson eyes told me to hear her

this displacement this corruption

I didn’t know this was going to happen

I didn’t know this was going to happen  

I fled in fear Heading straight to the pier

I see nothing but sheer disconnection 

No intention for ever loving me


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Stop (something i stumbled upon…)


If I close my eyes I see nothing but black, when I open my eyes I’m presented with the middle finger from a world that doesn’t give a fuck. Only the best man knows the secrets of a life without a fist up his crack. Puppet master oh puppet master grant me one wish I plead remove your tightly clenched fist from my rectum I insist don’t stare me down don’t call my bluff just release me from this world that gives no fuck.
In return I shall prosper until my card is called a lifetime released from this truly lethal decree. Spared from the words of our keeper prepared and aware of a lapse in your promise. I and only I shall hide within the woodwork listening to the brass clockwork tick and then and then stop.

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This my dears, this is my life!

Withering tea spoons upon the side
Stained with a Browning essence that represents the start of a morning.
Pondering through the streets like every other day before, dog shit on the pavement, last night’s drunks overcrowding the bus stop.
The forty seven bus to Whitechapel is crowded the cold autumn air seeping through the windows we sit next to.
The crazy guy murmuring his black magic quoting songs from an era long forgotten.
Concerned the person opposite might vomit upon the old dear in the seats infront of him.
Despite the time Liverpool shakes with the booming vibrations of the night before, despite being so close what different lives we live. Twenty four hour party people with an aim to impress.
This journey becomes so familiar, it could be done without eyes.
To and fro so many times per week, a nightmare recurring this it seems is my life.

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She turned on the radio
It was maddening
How’d she know I was here
I wanted to kiss her but –
I sensed her reserve
I didn’t feel like sleeping
Soon It was midnight
I walked Down the street. And back
To my place – there was half a bottle of
Wine left on the coffee table
I couldn’t hold back a sob
But…I’ve got to tell her
The sun was really up
Painful and yellow.

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To dream but, with no end.

It was in the dark, when we first met

Stumbling through each room with no regret.

Ignoring what was around us, staring –

Silently into the souls of one and other

Blissfully unaware of the people around us

Contemplating grasping hands in silence.

Neither of us do it, the shyness is upon us

Waiting for a moment together alone –

Although it seems a lifetime to wait

It comes quickly and ends swiftly.

The night closes to an end – going

Home thinking will I see her again?

A day later I see her once more

It takes only moments to realize the truth

This girl is so perfect –

A dream with no end.

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Words spoken

Stop just let me speak
There’s no need to carry on.
I know what you will say
And I don’t want to hear it.
She turns to look at him
Staring into his lonely eyes.
I’m finishing with you
Your to much to handle.
He doesn’t like what he hears
Ok he says, so leave then.
Take this time to think
About are amazingly awful
Situation stumble silently
Over our obedient obligations
Knifed knowing killers kill
Things close to our hearts.

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Faithful but unable
To greet the tides with joy
My heart is fluctuating
Skipping beats every time
I see my soul hanging outside
My own body.

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Too the park again

A kid sat smiling at the sky

The clouds make shapes

Alive for seconds

The kid starts crying

It is time to go.

My mother used to do that

i would always say NO!

She would walk over to me

and say do as your told!

The kid is no longer smiling

But the clouds still form shapes

glistening and sailing through the air

My dog just fouled on the floor.

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