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Selfish disposition

I can see the world
From a hight you cannot
I can see the beauty
That shapes this universe
I can see the shame
That we have brought upon it
I can see the rain
Before it touches the ground

You cannot because
Your stuck in a disposition
That lacks equality and
Emotional composition

a being without selfishness
Does not appear to me
But a being who is
Selfish exists everywhere

But everywhere is nowhere

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Your hearts on fire
Yet you say your an angel.
I look at you with a mystic stare
You don’t like me looking-
Ask me to stop.
I feel feelings within the air –
You breath and I breath
I smile and you glare.
But that’s are kind of love;
Angry, violent and disturbed
You nor I have known love like this.
Just the tender of a touch
Sets the fire in our souls.
Burning flames of cremation
Insignificant morals.
If you were to look outside our fishbowl
You – you would see a war
If I were to look outside our fishbowl
I would cry – I love you…
It does not matter how bad things are
Your my self destruction button
My inspiration for observation.
I ask – once again my girl
Smile, don’t be such a negative soul.
Let me into your world of serenity.

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Eat, sleep and breath trains

Ok…I get the train everyday, I suppose as a writer that’s good. I get to see so many different people…I’m on a train at the moment. In my head I’m mentally interviewing all the passengers. “hello…” I say “are you capable of being a rounded protagonist in my latest story?” they never reply, instead the reaction in body language answers for them. Mostly hostile. If someone came over to me and asked such a question I guess I would feel the same. My point is this; my writing can be very negative at times, I blame the passengers of the trains I am on. Merseyrail should have some sort of policy… “you will become a persona of fiction, so smile and don’t murder anyone. Or fines will be issued”. I suppose until then I’ll be writing plenty of negative and hostile stories. People are ignoramuses. This bloke looks interesting, are you a murderer sir?

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