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Words spoken

Stop just let me speak
There’s no need to carry on.
I know what you will say
And I don’t want to hear it.
She turns to look at him
Staring into his lonely eyes.
I’m finishing with you
Your to much to handle.
He doesn’t like what he hears
Ok he says, so leave then.
Take this time to think
About are amazingly awful
Situation stumble silently
Over our obedient obligations
Knifed knowing killers kill
Things close to our hearts.

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Today the light went out

I walk into my kitchen
She’s here again
Sat on the floor
Chewing her nails
Waiting for me to talk.
I look at her in disgust
Whilst she attempts to
Grab my hand.
I want you back – she says
Pushing back her hair,
To show me some REAL tears
Fuck she thinks I’m an idiot
So I refuse to talk
Stepping over her I reach –
I reach for the tea bags.
The kettle is crying
This girl is crying
Hell I think my dog is crying.
I leave the kitchen
Returning to my room
I blast out some zeppelin,
Man it pissed her off
She stormed into my room
Like a wolf on a rampage
Why are you doing this
Blah blah blah
I decide to answer her,
You know why…
Fucking that Irish guy
To start my rant
And ending with the
Debt I owe.
Fuck you, go back to
Dublin find this man
And show him how
Fast you ride
I’m busy polishing
My lamp so please
Take your shit somewhere
I carry on blasting zeppelin
The door slams shut
Shit my lamp just broke.

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