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Forgotten- tomorrow.

Yesterday clenched my doubtful spirit with the will of ten thousand men

Fighting to gain control of my unconscious mind – willing to sacrifice my very beliefs within the true meaning of what it is to be human.

Without asking for much, I was presented with the gift of wisdom – I took it from the withering hands of tomorrow and ran.

Without stopping to turn around, I felt no shame from that I call withering – instead I followed a path called destiny.

It leads nowhere but the view is nice

Enjoying the run of wisdom and avoiding the concept of tomorrow.

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A connection of interactivity

Savouring my insight
To tell you, your all wrong
Would be rather beautiful.
But as it seems neither
Me nor you is wrong
On the outside we look
Different, on the inside
Well, that’s another story.
You see we are all the same
Just on different levels of
I like things that
You don’t like
And you like things
That I don’t like.
It is much more than that
We are all connected somewhere
Be it with life or faith
And those that don’t have faith
Are connected some how differently
Miss fortunate events
It doesn’t matter
A connection of interactivity
Is there, which makes us
The same.
Equals in an unfair society.
Fuck it
I don’t care.

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