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He woke up in a pool of sweat, his heart was racing. His pulse thumping against his neck and traveling up into his jaw.

It was still dark outside he turned and looked at his clock 04:00am the cold air clung to his chest it was suffocating him “2,4,6,8,10” “2,4,6,8,10” he began shaking his foot in time with the beating of his heart “…..breath..the Dr said….breath 2,4,6,8,10”

He got out of bed and began to pace the floor stumbling over dirty clothes from the day before, his wife turned and groaned at him as though this was a regular occurrence. “2,4,6,8,10……….2,4,6,8,10” the pacing continued his pulse throbbing up into his ears, the thumping gets louder “get out….get out…..I don’t need you or this anymore”…

He gripped his head with both hands and began to claw down his face “stop looking at me, stop it”.

“2,4,6,8,10…2,4,6,8,10…..2,4,8…no…2,6,10 arghhhhhh no, for fuck sake stop it get out of me stop looking at me” this time he was left with no choice he had to do the only thing he could….screaming at the top of his voice the pain the pitch the energy…..he clawed the first one out slowly wedging his index finger deep inside the socket like a hook in a fishes mouth, 2,4,6…arggghhhh” squealing in pain like a pig going to slaughter. his wife jumps out of bed “oh my god….what have you done babe…..BABE”….he didn’t answer.

As the room fell silent shock had struck hard they stood together hearts racing “2,4,6,8,10….2,4,6,8,10”.

I had them both now.

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