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Attack of a fearful kind

I feel so tense, it’s 3:30am

My heart is pounding through my body

An irrational fear has gripped me

I stand looking out of my window

Inhaling cold air as though it’s my last

I lay down my legs twitching uncontrollably

This will end but how? Is this THE end?

I lay listening to the radio

Thoughts whirling in and out of focus

I try to distract Myself but it’s no use

The wings of black are smothering me

It can’t be fought I can only accept it

The contract has been signed

My soul is now yours to keep

You have won the war I can no longer battle

I surrender to the devil within.

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I’m consumed by a darkness that embraces me like nothing else. Bruised black and blue beaten daily by my own intrusive thoughts. Constantly assessing and obsessing over unnecessary predicaments associated with a constant irrational itch seeded deep within a locked down subliminal state, a storm so violent my very core trembles with each beat. I cry wolf every chance I can get. This fear is real it has eaten me whole I can’t seem to escape it I just fucking hate it. I long for a break within the storm clouds, but with each time the storm calms I brace for a return, fearing that this time my soul will never come home, an empty structure that moves with the wind, a beacon of fear staring deep into the dark.

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