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A riddle of life

I sit in a room thinking, wondering through a maze of hysteria.

Unknown triggers and abnormal fears plague my uninspired mind.

I sit here in tears, I’ve learnt nothing all of these years.

I should have known this trap this malice despite such pity, I am still thinking about fear.

As I sit in this room, looking at a crooked path. Waiting for an offer that can’t be kept.

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The saga continues – death do us part #2

“Through the valley of death, lies a secret to be kept. Through the night of hidden secrets a lie is to be said. Whisper softly upon ones ear until this moment it was you I fear”. He woke to the sound of someone dressed in black whispering into his ear, it felt nice.

It felt almost worm and peaceful. “Is this it? Have I finally succumbed to my untimely death? Am I in hell? Am I in heaven?” Greg attempted to move he couldn’t, he attempted to scream but he couldn’t. “Stay still my fallen angel, stay still”. “What the fuck is this? Who are you?” The lady fell silent and began to stand, she was holding something in her hand, it looked like a broom. Greg instantly realised what this was. “Your a witch, that’s right your a witch who has trapped my soul in this dead body aren’t you? Listen what have I ever done to deserve this, I can’t move this excuse of a body I feel so so cold what is going on tell me N-N-Now!!”

The woman removed something from her head, Greg’s vision was disturbed from the bright lights surrounding him. “Did you speak love?” “YES WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”….”no sorry duck I can’t understand what your saying, I’ll just finish replacing the hand towels and wash your sink out and leave you be”. Greg didn’t know what to say “A FUCKING CLEANER!?!?”. She continued sweeping the floor and placed her headphones back over her ears and began to sing “There’s a lady who’s sure All that glitters is gold And she’s buying a stairway to heaven”.

Greg decided he was loosing his shit “psychosis I’ve got psychosis, my boss always said I would have a break down…this is it”. He closed his eyes again, hoping to fall asleep and dream of something that made him feel human again.

This was to be short lived, he could hear a ruckus outside of his hospital room. “He is my husband and I demand that I see him, how am i supposed to feed my child, how am I supposed to go to work? NO NO NO I’m sorting this out…GREG…GREG….GREG they won’t let me in. Move BITCH” Greg heard an almighty crash and a female screaming for security. The double doors to Greg’s room burst open, “AWWW my man, we need to get you out of here, I know your dead but I need you to provide for us some how. I’m going to take you to the job centre and see if we can get you on the dole”. Greg was in disbelief…”I’m dead clinically at least, I can’t move and I don’t know what the fuck is happening to me, yet you expect me to visit the job centre so I can sign on?…..ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY??????”.

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You think your so sophisticated
But I just think it’s cheap

Hold onto that desparate moment
Your ready for the heap

Whsipering words that fool us
Trapping us in the deep

It takes a psychopath to know this
Your leading us like sheep

Destitute but moving foward
dawn cannot become morning

Theres no place for this nonsense
Your scared now it’s just boring

I have seen it in your eyes
You where the one who never cries

So don’t play me like a radio
Don’t play me like a radio

Put me out my missery

A drip dropping to the ground
Forgetting where I am

Holding onto what I can
Shhh don’t make a sound
The monsters are trying to get me

Blacked out eyes
Preaching lovers lullabies
Scorched amber skies
Taking over, haunting me
Sad sad times
Turning sober I know it’s over
Your playing me like a radio
Your playing me like a radio
Your play—ing me like a rad—-io

You think your so sophisticated
But I just think it’s cheap

Theres no place for this nonsense
Your scared now it’s just boring

It takes a psychopath to know this
Your leading us like sheep

But I’ll keep walking
I’ll keep walking
Walking till your over me

Blacked out eyes
Preaching lovers lullabies
Scorched amber skies
Taking over, haunting me
Sad sad times
Turning sober I know it’s over
Your playing me like a radio
Your playing me like a radio
Your play—ing me like a rad—-io

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To dream but, with no end.

It was in the dark, when we first met

Stumbling through each room with no regret.

Ignoring what was around us, staring –

Silently into the souls of one and other

Blissfully unaware of the people around us

Contemplating grasping hands in silence.

Neither of us do it, the shyness is upon us

Waiting for a moment together alone –

Although it seems a lifetime to wait

It comes quickly and ends swiftly.

The night closes to an end – going

Home thinking will I see her again?

A day later I see her once more

It takes only moments to realize the truth

This girl is so perfect –

A dream with no end.

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Big issue sir?

Watching people that is all I do

Confused about what it is they go through

Your dumped, it is me not you –

What should we have for tea?

I am hungry…

Hungry for attention

But no one sees my needs

They will shop in marks and Spencer

Then eat their McDonald’s

They smoke cigarettes

Buy clothes, spend, spend and spend

I ask “hello my friend, big issue?”

They look and laugh

I smile trying not to look sad

Is what I am doing really that bad?

I want nice clothes

I need a new pair of shoes

I work hard asking these people

But despite refusal I am still willful

My life depends on it

You see my dear public eyes

I am from another country

Black and red fiery murder

Contemplating eventual escape

Crying for mercy, bludgeoned and scorned

My people, my people are dead.

So here I am –

A doctor of medicine begging to be fed

Your judgmental eyes and

Convicting smiles

Do not give me the bread I need.

The bread to live –

Bread to eat

Savage creatures creep up instead

I am angry, alone and dying

Dying within a society that does not care

For this I will carry on

Maybe someone will care.

Along comes a lady

I smile while she flicks her blonde hair

Approaching fast she holds out her cash

Tonight I shall eat but; tomorrow I’ll be back on my feet

Big issue sir?

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Too the park again

A kid sat smiling at the sky

The clouds make shapes

Alive for seconds

The kid starts crying

It is time to go.

My mother used to do that

i would always say NO!

She would walk over to me

and say do as your told!

The kid is no longer smiling

But the clouds still form shapes

glistening and sailing through the air

My dog just fouled on the floor.

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Today the light went out

I walk into my kitchen
She’s here again
Sat on the floor
Chewing her nails
Waiting for me to talk.
I look at her in disgust
Whilst she attempts to
Grab my hand.
I want you back – she says
Pushing back her hair,
To show me some REAL tears
Fuck she thinks I’m an idiot
So I refuse to talk
Stepping over her I reach –
I reach for the tea bags.
The kettle is crying
This girl is crying
Hell I think my dog is crying.
I leave the kitchen
Returning to my room
I blast out some zeppelin,
Man it pissed her off
She stormed into my room
Like a wolf on a rampage
Why are you doing this
Blah blah blah
I decide to answer her,
You know why…
Fucking that Irish guy
To start my rant
And ending with the
Debt I owe.
Fuck you, go back to
Dublin find this man
And show him how
Fast you ride
I’m busy polishing
My lamp so please
Take your shit somewhere
I carry on blasting zeppelin
The door slams shut
Shit my lamp just broke.

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Serenity in the dark

Snapped shut doors enclose
Me in a dark and damp room –
Surrounded, suffocating
I have nothing left to fear.
A crack of light shines on my
Face, dividing me into insanity and
Nothing left to eat except dignity
And my pride
I’ll sit and wish peacefully for
Serenity in the dark.

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Social endeavours of an empty mind…

I look at these people with concern,
So desperate to arrange an encounter –
On Facebook, twitter and MySpace?
Feeling sorry for them, I feel the need –
To scream.

Social plebs of the underground,
Address your bullshit
with the spoken word.
Don’t feed us with such rubbish.
Caress our minds, the gift of interest
Would be of great purpose
The real you add the real me
Equals the best of us.

Write a status worth writing
Not just – off on the lash with the girls.
It’s ridiculous to think that you are
Fabulous when really
– when push comes to shove
You are merely hideous.

Forget this your too busy
Writing a post about
What you had for tea
Your current bowl movements
How men are idiots
How that girl is a tramp
Fuck you

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